List of Do Follow Forum Sites

I want to describe first what do follow and no follow means in link building.When your creating a link to a particular web page using HTML codes it is important to know what these terms are. Back in days when there was nothing called nofollow, lots of spammers try to abuse blog commenting. They spam the comments with their yucky links to promote all kinds of junky sites like porn sites and gambling sites.

To remove this problem, Google implemented a "nofollow" tag in order to tell search engine spiders whether or not to follow a link. To tell search engine spiders to not crawl a link you just simply need to add the following code to your HTML code rel="nofollow" otherwise if you want search engine spider to crawl the link you just simply don't use the rel="nofollow" tag. Pretty simple right?

Let's clear the HTML code will look like this.

Unfortunately, the rel="nofollow" tag have made a consequence. That would be the people who place legitimate comments on blog, because of this they are not getting any "link juice" from commenting. So when your leaving a comment to a blog, forum posts or others figure out if this site implement a rel="nofollow". One good way to do this is to view the page source code, or much easier if you can find a do follow list.

Now lets describe what forum is. Forum or message board is a place where discussions on related topics take place. It is more like an online discussion site. Forum can also help you boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and generate more traffic. You would want to take advantage of the signature links available when you participate or when you leave a comment in forums just follow each forum rules. Below are the list of Do follow forum sites.

Do follow forum sites list:

Easy Steps for WordPress Blog Setup

I want to describe here is to set down some step-by-step instructions for the people who wants to get started with a solid foundation with a self-hosted WordPress blog. There are many blogging platforms available, most available at little or no cost. I like WordPress, mostly because it’s easy to make. This post is some steps that I have learned along the way that will hopefully help you to:

• Set up your blog easily
• Make sure it’s safe from hackers
• Give you some basics that will get you started to a successful blog

This is by no means a comprehensive list, nor is it intended to be. It’s merely a compendium of things that I’ve learned along the way that can help you get going with a minimum of effort, and these are the exact same steps I take for my clients who want me to do it for them. You can host your blog with WordPress directly free of charge. However, if you host your blog with your Web site, it becomes part of the Web site – really just an extension – and can benefit you from an SEO perspective.

Resources To Get Started

Before you can start with any of this, you need to have some basic materials. I will assume you already have a working computer with a reasonable internet connection. Beyond that, you will need:

A Web hosting plan that supports both PHP and a MySQL database. I prefer GoDaddy but you can use any hosting as long as they support PHP and MySQL databases.
FTP software – This is to move files to your hosting platform. I like CuteFtp, but there are many free tools available as well.
Assuming you have all this, let’s get started with setting up a WordPress blog.

Download WordPress Software

The first step is that you need to get the software. Go to the Web site, and click the button that says “Download WordPress 2.8.6″ (or whatever the current version is). Save the zip file to your hard drive, and unzip (uncompress) it to a folder that’s convenient to get to.

Create a MySQL Database

Go to your hosting platform and create a MySQL database. Usually you can do this through your Control Panel. You’ll need to know the following:
• The database host server (sometimes it’s “localhost”)
• The database name
• The user id to connect
• The password
Usually you can specify everything but the host, so pick a secure password that includes letters and numbers.
Upload the WordPress Software

Connect to your Web hosting with your FTP software, and create a folder that you want the blog to live in. I usually just create a folder called “blog”, but you can call it what you want. If you want the blog software to actually be your Web site, you don’t need to create a folder. Just upload all the files and folders to the root directory of the Web site. This is about 7.1MB of files, so it shouldn’t take very long if you have a decent connection.

Configure the WordPress Blog Software

You’ll find a file called wp-config-sample.php. You need to edit this file with a text editor. You can either edit the local copy on your computer, or edit the one on the Web. Enter the database server, database name, user name, and password where it shows these settings in single quotes (see red underlines in the sample graphic).
Next, you must create a unique authentication key by going to the WordPress authentication key site. Copy and paste the four lines into the config file where it shows the sample lines.

Security Tip - I

The last and most important change is to make sure that you change your Table Prefix. Most hackers know that the default prefix is “wp_”, so change it to something totally random, like “wp_55SEO7U1”. Just add some random upper and lower case letters and numbers. This will make it much harder for a hacker to break into your database.

Save the file. Rename it as wp-config.php and either upload it from your computer, or just rename the one that’s on your Web site.

Kick Off The Installation Process

Open your browser and go to the Web site with the directory into which you installed the WordPress software. So if it’s in the /blog directory, go to http://www.domainname/blog and the installation process should automatically kick off. If it complains that it can’t connect to the database, check your config file to make sure you entered all the database information correctly.
It will automatically create an admin id and password. Print this page out! If you forget the password, or don’t write it down, you have to delete the database and start all over.

Security Tip -II

Before you do anything else, create a new admin id that is something like “admin0512″ (or a name that means something to you) and very secure password using upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. The meter will show you how secure your password is. Hackers know that the default admin id is “admin”, and will try to hack it. Now log out, log in with your new admin id, and delete the original admin id. This is critical to prevent hackers from getting into the site (or at least slow them down).

Apply a Theme

There are lots of free themes or you can buy attractive themes that people have developed. Find one that has four or five stars and apply it to your site. The ones that have high ratings and have been downloaded thousands of times have been tested and upgraded so that they work the best for you. You can always customize it with your logo and other changes later.
Install Plugins

I have a specific set of plugins (which are additional functionality that doesn’t come with the base WordPress software) that add value. I recommend that at a minimum, you install these:

XML Sitemaps – Creates XML sitemaps for Google automatically, which is great for getting indexed
Google Analytics for WP – Set up your Analytics code so you can track all the throngs of people reading your blog
All In One SEO Pack – Has great SEO tools for your blog
Akismet (already installed, but be sure to activate it) – It catches all the comment spammers and blocks them
WP Security Scan – Gives you a report to see if your WordPress blog is fully safe from hackers
WP DB Backup – Allows you to back up your database before you make any changes. ALWAYS back up your database before you upgrade or do anything!
• SEO Platinum – To make individual title for all pages.

Configure Your Ping Servers

WordPress comes pre-configured with a single ping server, but you’ll want to add more. Every time you create a blog post, you want to make sure that the search engines know about it. When you click “Publish”, WordPress will go tell all the ping servers that you’ve configured to notify the search engines about your new post.

Configure Your Permalinks

Permalinks is a setting that tells WordPress how to display the links to your blog posts. We all know that you want your keywords in the link text if you can. The default setting for WordPress doesn’t give a very SEO-friendly link, so I recommend that you change it. Many people debate about the “right” way to set them up. Set them, and don’t worry about it. Most people set them to:


which will display your posts with a subdirectory of the post “Category”, then the actual words from your post title.

Google Docs Added Folder Sharing Feature

Google added couple of new features to its Google Docs, namely folder sharing and multiple file uploads.

Now you can share your files means spreadsheets, presentations and document files with other people also you can now share folders in Google Docs means that the service is more useful for groups who can now work on all the documents in a folder together.

And the addition of multiple file uploads means that you can upload more files at once,which previously allowed one. This feature saving both time and effort and making life so much easier.

Google is Finally Removed PageRank

Google has dropped PageRank data from its webmaster tools due to statistical imbalance.

Google uses PageRank algorithm to calculate a web page’s rank in a numerical score based on the importance it gets. Its rank is loosely dependent on the inbound links to a page apart from the relevance and credibility of these links.

Until now, PageRank has been one of the many variables included in Google's Webmaster Tools, but according to Google analyst Susan Moskwa:
"We've been telling people for a long time that they shouldn't focus on PageRank so much... We removed it because we felt it was silly to tell people not to think about it, but then to show them the data, implying that they should look at it."

Now a days Google is only updating the PageRank displayed in Google Toolbar a few times a year.

It certainly wont stop certain webmasters using the tool to obtain high quality links to enhance their sites ranking. Hopefully this may reduce the amount of people trying to manipulate the search results by selling links on high PR pages. This move by Google is a statement to Webmasters that PR is not as important as everyone thinks, lets hope it changes some peoples minds.

Major Search Engines Follows NoFollow links

Every search engines interpret NoFollow in their own way. Here's list of the major search engines and their actions with NoFollow link.

  • Google follows NoFollow links but simply does not pass any credit to outbound link that is tagged with the attribute(rel='nofollow').

  • Yahoo follows NoFollow links and excludes the link from all ranking calculations.

  • Bing may or may not follow a NoFollow link, but excludes the link from ranking calculations.

  • Ask does not adhere to NoFollow.

What problem with Duplicate Content ?

Duplicate content – This is very effective to loose Search Engine Rankings:
Using duplicate content is very harmful for search engine ranking. Most webmasters are using duplicate content today. Some of them thinking duplicating the content is time save, but the fact is that duplicate content can loss search engine rankings of your web page. The big problem for duplicating content is that, your web page won’t be indexed by the search engines no matter what SEO strategy you are doing for your page.

Google’s point of view about Duplicate content :
About Google point of view, duplicate content can be two types:
1. Duplicate content within your website – When same content appears in more than one page of your own website.
2. Duplicate content in others website – When one content of your site which appears in other external sites.
In case of first category (Duplicate content within your website) it’s totally on your hands to remove duplicate content to get crawled by Google. One of the best way provided by Google to avoid the first problem is use of the sitemap file. You should include the preferred version of the URL in the sitemap so that Google can index the particular page of your preference.

In case of second category (Duplicate content in others website), i.e. If any one steals your content and publish it in his website, you will have to monetize it. So that, when Google comes across such content across different web pages, the Google crawler will search for various thing and effectively identify the actual original webpage. According to Google don’t worry about your content duplicated by others because Google crawler can effectively identify them and avoid those pages from indexing.

As said in official Google Webmaster blog, “in the majority of cases, having duplicate content does not have negative effects on your site's presence in the Google index. It simply gets filtered out.”

Some link building mistakes harmful for PageRank

Link popularity is the most valuable factor that every search engines consider when deciding your website Page Rank, Maximum people has taken to posting their back links all over the internet. However, gaining link popularity that increases your page rank is really not as easy as it sounds and most people who has no idea about how Pagerank works. Creating links that are either useless, or even harmful for their webpage. If you are making link popularity avoid some common link building mistakes.

1. Getting link from non-relevant Pages: Search will consider whether your link is relevant to the visitors of your webpage that they are placed on or not. So if you are creating the links of your webpages which are related to web design on websites that deal with high end electronic goods, wrestling or cooking, you can be sure that the links will be trashed by the search engine, harmful for your website Page Rank. So create links on that sites that have your website related.

2.Creating Text Links “Click Here”: Search engine spiders use the text on your hyperlink to know about your website and this will plays an vital role in determining your website Page Rank as well as your SERP. By creating hyperlinks that only “click here for more information” or “know more here”, means you are telling the search engines that your website is about clicking and knowing more and that is where you will be ranked high instead of getting high search engine rankings for your own domain. So use relevant keywords in your text links.

3.Creating Links On High Pagerank Pages That Already Have Hundreds Of Links: It is right that the high PR of a page linking to your page, the higher value assigned to the link by the SEs and the higher will be your page Rank. So the value what you get from a page that links back to your webpage is determined by the formula, Page Rank of linking page / number of links on that linking page. But it is equally important to pay attention to the denominator of the formula, since a highly ranked page with lots of back links may finally giving your page lower value than a page with lower rank but lesser links.

4.Creating Links On Dynamic Pages: Which web pages are created dynamically these take ages to get indexed, and in all probability, so creating link on such a page will never help in improve your page rank. Identify dynamic pages by URLs with special symbols in them (&,? etcetera) and don’t waste your time by not creating any links to your site on such pages.

5.Creating Links On Pages That SE Spiders Cannot Crawl On: The whole point of building link popularity for increasing page rank is to make your site accessible to search engine spiders. However, search engine bots have not become smart enough to read pages generated by Flash or JavaScript. They are also unable to read text links placed within frames, so it is a complete waste of time creating back links on sites that are either Flash generated or framed, since these links would be totally ignored by search engine spiders.

6. Creating links on No-follow pages: Creating link on no-follow page will never help for increasing Page Rank because your link not getting the Page Rank value from this site. So, don’t waste your time to creating backlink on such pages like maximum blog commenting link is no-follow link. Identify the no-follow link by viewing page source where is use rel="nofollow".

Free Blog Directory List

These are the top blog directory list arranged with recent updated page rank. These directory list will help you lot to promote your blog. PR8 PR8 PR8 PR8 PR8 PR8 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 - PR7 PR7…s/Directories/ PR6 PR6 PR6 PR6 PR6 Pr6 PR6 - PR6 PR6 PR6 PR6 PR6 PR6 PR6 PR6…s/Directories/ PR5 PR5 PR5 PR5 PR5 PR5 PR5 PR5 PR5 PR5 - PR5 PR5 PR5 PR4 PR4 PR4 PR4 PR4 PR3 PR3 PR3 PR3 PR3 PR3 PR3 PR3 PR3 PR3 PR3 PR3 PR2 PR2 PR1 PR1 PR1 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0


How Google's latest algorithm changes affect your website ?

Google improves ranking algorithm on an ongoing basis. During the previous weeks, Google changed three things on the result pages that are visible to all Google users.

The changes are an easier for searchers but they might be bad for your site.

1. Google has increased the snippet length. Less visitors for you ?

Google now shows an extended snippet for queries that consist of three or more keywords. The idea behind this change is that these multi-word queries are very targeted and complex. The usual short snippet might not contain enough information.

What does this change mean for your website ?

The longer snippet contains much more information. As Google tries to provide the user with the most relevant information in the snippet, the snippet might already contain the answer to the user's query. The longer snippets might result in the following:
• Fewer users might click through to your website because they get the answer to their question in the search results.
• Users might begin to use more multiple-word queries to get more detailed search result snippets.
• As the longer snippets need more space, the longer snippets move another result page below the fold and web surfers will see fewer results at first glance. That increases the importance of very high rankings.
It seems that Google ignores the meta description tag for the snippets. That means that you must include a call to action in your web page titles.

2. Google now shows more related searches at the bottom of the results

When you search for a keyword, Google will display related searches at the bottom and sometimes at the top of the search results.
For example, if you search for the keyword " sports cars", Google will suggest " bmw," " ferrari," " classic cars " and " sports cars 2007" as related terms that could help you find what you need.

What does this change mean for your website ?

It's important that you optimize the different pages of your website for different keywords. Do not concentrate on a single keyword but cover a wide range of keywords so that Google will classify your website as relevant to the complete topic.
The more related keywords and pages can be found on your website, the better.

3. Google now shows local results based on IP addresses

Search Google for the keyword " web design kolkata" and you'll see local results in the middle of the search results. These local results are delivered based on the IP address of the searcher. That means that you will get different results than people in another city.

What does this change mean for your website ?

It's now easier to rank for competitive keywords for some local searches. While it's very difficult to get a high ranking for a very competitive keyword such as "lawyer" in the regular results, it's much easier to be listed for that keyword in the local results if you're living in a small town.
You should submit your website to Google Maps so that web surfers can find you in these local searches. You can submit your website to Google Maps with IBP's semi-automatic directory submitter.
If you run a local business, you should include your business name, your category and the name of your city in the title tag of your homepage.
If you want to get on top of Google's search results then your website must have optimized content and good inbound links. If you give Google what it wants then your website will get the best possible rankings.

Defeat Competitors by Search Engine Optimization

Your competitors are each and everywhere, it’s not matter what industry you are in. Whether you are selling products or providing web services there will be always be competition, your competitor may have cheap rates and good services than your. And even on the web or Internet competitors will compete with you in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN. For you to defeat them and gain a competitive position, you have to the right knowledge and strategies to compete with them.
You can successfully compete with your competitors and even have a position against them through Search Engine Optimisation. To start with you have to know who your competitors are as much as you know about your products and services. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will gain you an advantage over them. Keep of watch your competitor’s site is the first thing you need to do, list all the sites that you have similar products or services with. Check out the ones that are on top of the search engine lists such as at Google, Yahoo and MSN. Being on top of the search engine lists obviously means that they are doing well. Check out format means their design and the keywords that they use and anything possible that makes them on top of the search engines. You may also check out their links and where they are link to that you might possibly you can have your link to be on it too.
Keep of watch your competitors won’t do much unless you have a better idea about the concept of Search Engine Optimisation and its capabilities that it can do for your online business. Beating your competitors becomes less difficult when you have the idea about the concept of SEO. After knowing why and how your competitors are gaining success online it is time for you to do work on your own website. Out of your research, think of better keywords. Analise what will be the keyword you will use for your website which will be more effective, and think about unique content and SEO – friendly user interface. Think about how you can stand above your competitors. Keyword and research analysis must be done constantly if you want your SEO campaign to be successful.
Be creative. Do not just depend on how you can go above your competitors. Try looking into new ideas that your competitors have not thought of still. This can improve your position and rankings on search engines. However you need to make sure that your idea will be working. Else you will just mess up things around. Keyword research and analysis should be constantly updated if you want to have a stable position and ranking and continue gaining success over your competitors.
At The Get advance seo we do not just implementing our own SEO strategies to your website. Series of experiment and analysis are done before we implement an SEO campaign for your website. Keyword analysis and research and are done constantly to deliver success to each and every client.

Director of UK Google and Mark Howe talk at the How-Do Awards

Mark Howe, announced will talk at the How-Do Awards that will take place on Thursday the coming 30th of April. He should be connection Peter Salmon, the initial Director of BBC North as the final and subsequent guest speaker at the Awards dinner. Coming friday the 6th of March will be the entry deadline for the Awards.

The dinner finish class had 570 guests and once again it is expected to see the biggest gathering of year comprising the top creative and media industries within the North West. The involvement of Howe and Salmon will focus the growing high nationwide profile of the event.

Mark Howe joined Google in Jan 2006 as a managing director for UK operations. He had spent around 21 years working in the television industry, with most of his time in digital and multi-channel TV.

His present responsiblity at Google is to build better relations with the media and UK advertising community also, focus on the powerful digital expansion and enhance digital understanding. Mark qualified from University College London and presently lives in East Sheen, London, along with his wife and three children.

Interesting Tips about Google Analytics

SEO and Google Analytics reach hand in hand – there is no doubt one of the best tools out there for really understanding how your website is performing in terms of search and inbound links. By Google Analytics you can see how SEO techniques affect your web site in about as close to real time as you can get. In this topic I want to walk you through a some of the interesting tricks and caveats I have discovered when using some of the more advanced Analytics features.
At first discuss about segmenting. If you have experience in SEO long time you know that there are times when you want to segment out visitors or pages from your site to take a closer look at what is driving the content, or where they are coming from. For example, many web sites put their sales process into a separate segmentation so they can analyze how people make purchase decisions more closely. It’s not strange to see another page depths broken into segments to see how far down people will drill into content. The general concept is the farther down people drill in content, the more “hooked” they are on the content and the site.
Google analytics

When applying these segments to keywords in Google Analytics you will often see keywords that show “0” visits, which is misleading. Google is actually start the counter at 0 for the first visitor. Tonight is because of Google’s effort to make sure the total number of visitors reconcile with other Analytics data. This is only occurs when the same user comes to your site within a 30 minute time frame using different search terms. So, for example, if a user searches for “SEO optimization” and visit your site through search and then goes back to their search engine and types in “Apple pie” and visits your site again, the keywords will show 0 visits even though you have had one visit for “Apple pie”.

It’s confusing, but worth noting so you don’t scar do-it-yourself head wondering why Google is showing 0 visits for a particular keyword.

The next titbit is for those of you who have your Adwords account tied into your Analytics account. In this case you will see keywords that have displayed text ads on Google, but haven’t had any click-through, show up as 0 clicks in the keyword report. Different mind scratcher for some until you realize that Analytics is simply pulling through impression and click-through data from Adwords.

Analytics is a mighty tool, and I’d enjoy to hear from you the tricks, caveats and pitfalls you’ve discovered when using it for SEO and keeping track of search and click campaigns.

How Search Engines Work or How to Get to the Top Search Engine Ranking ?

These two questions are actually the same, because if one understands how search engines work, he will probably be able to get a site to the top search engines ranking.
Think about it.

Unfortunately, the answer is a complicated, dynamic and a secret one. The answer has to do with SEO – Search engines optimization. In fact, very few SEO experts, SEO consultants, SEO software and SEO companies can actually give you a perfect SEO solution.

In the next few lines I will simplify how search engines work. To understand more you must contact and pay to a SEO consultant working with a popular SEO service:

1. The search engines visit your site occasionally and index new topics on your site.

2. The search engines measure the quality and popularity of your site by the number and types of links to your site by other website.

3. According to the site topics, quality and popularity and many other parameters the search engine rank the site for each keyword searched.

Now, I guess you have a website or developing one and you want to get it to the top search engine rankings. Well, If you have money I suggest you pay to an experienced SEO consultant working for one of the top SEO companies.
Yet, if you do not have money, you can try doing it alone. But, be warned – a good SEO solution is time consuming. No matter which SEO software or SEO service you will be using, it will take you at least a couple of months to get your website to top search engines ranking.

Your first step would have to be reading more about the subject – reading about meta tags optimization services, keyword services, back links methods and organic SEO and using free SEO services like SEO toolbars and online SEO software.

What and why SEO ?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of improving a web page that makes it easy to find, read and indexed by search engines in as much effective manner as possible.

This makes your web site and its content more attractive, relevant and visible to the available search engines and to the people.

Why SEO?

Consider what it would be like if no one could easily find your place of business, or even your telephone number. Most businesses cannot continue for a longer time in such a situation.

The same thing can happen with your website if people cannot easily locate it. The Traffic volume, if it existed at all, slows to a crawl. Potentially valuable customers never even know that you are there.

"Wait!" you say. "I had a web site created, and the address is included in all of our advertising. Why wouldn't people be able to find it?"

Certainly, existing customers or those who are already familiar with your company should be able to find your site without any great difficulty, but this may not be the case for everyone.

Can you be sure that every potential customer has been reached by your advertising? What about the people who don't read the magazines or newspapers where you chose to place advertisements?

Did they watch the right television show? Did they get one of the thousands of brochures you mailed?

So, what about the search engines? Those people could just enter a few words into a text box, click a button, and voila! There is a link to your web site. Aren't search engines wonderful?

Yes, search engines can be wonderful, and the scenario above can happen, but not without some work. This is where SEO comes in.

If you want to get affordable SEO,cheap SEO service then please contact with me to get Freelance SEO service or SEO consultancy for your small business websites. You can call me or chat with me with the through the following details:

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