2 Potential Disadvantages of Accepting Guest Posts at Your Blog

The internet is flooded with the advantages of accepting guest posts on your blog: It helps to keep your blog moving on with the incoming flux of dynamic new content, your blog gains popularity, and it helps you to develop good relationships with the fellow guest bloggers !

As a matter of fact, where there are advantages, the disadvantages do follow back to complement them :P ... Here, by the medium of this post, I am not trying to discourage you from accepting guest posts on your blog, rather I am trying to reveal the possibly ugly side of accepting guest posts at your blog (all from my own personal experiences...)

Here are the two potential disadvantages:

1. You might become heavily dependent on guest bloggers

No doubt, guest posts are great for helping you to keep your blog updated with fresh content, but guest blogging should definitely not hinder your ability to write for your own blog. Remember, it's YOUR blog and it was your own writing style only that attracted those worldwide visitors to your blog. Remember Darren Rowse at problogger.net ? Nearly 10 high quality guest posts are published at problogger.net every single week. In spite of this huge incoming flux of guest posts, Mr. ProBlogger still continues to publish his own content there. Why? Because he knows that it is his unique writing style only that drives millions of worldwide visitors to problogger every single month!

2. Consistent threat of plagiarism in the published posts

You receive a grand guest submission and you immediately decide to publish it on your blog (obviously after checking for uniqueness and any possible plagiarism). But your job definitely does not end here. By publishing every single guest post on your blog, you are adding an extra workload for yourself. And that workload is to regularly check that the published guest articles are not republished anywhere on the web by your dear guest bloggers.

This happened with me a while back when a guest blogger after getting his article published on my blog, reproduced the whole content on several other websites without even bothering to notify me. I immediately took his article off my website and when I dropped him an email about the same, he simply replied: "actually I do not care."

What is your experience with guest blogging at your website ? Do share it with us in your comments below.

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