Some link building mistakes harmful for PageRank

Link popularity is the most valuable factor that every search engines consider when deciding your website Page Rank, Maximum people has taken to posting their back links all over the internet. However, gaining link popularity that increases your page rank is really not as easy as it sounds and most people who has no idea about how Pagerank works. Creating links that are either useless, or even harmful for their webpage. If you are making link popularity avoid some common link building mistakes.

1. Getting link from non-relevant Pages: Search will consider whether your link is relevant to the visitors of your webpage that they are placed on or not. So if you are creating the links of your webpages which are related to web design on websites that deal with high end electronic goods, wrestling or cooking, you can be sure that the links will be trashed by the search engine, harmful for your website Page Rank. So create links on that sites that have your website related.

2.Creating Text Links “Click Here”: Search engine spiders use the text on your hyperlink to know about your website and this will plays an vital role in determining your website Page Rank as well as your SERP. By creating hyperlinks that only “click here for more information” or “know more here”, means you are telling the search engines that your website is about clicking and knowing more and that is where you will be ranked high instead of getting high search engine rankings for your own domain. So use relevant keywords in your text links.

3.Creating Links On High Pagerank Pages That Already Have Hundreds Of Links: It is right that the high PR of a page linking to your page, the higher value assigned to the link by the SEs and the higher will be your page Rank. So the value what you get from a page that links back to your webpage is determined by the formula, Page Rank of linking page / number of links on that linking page. But it is equally important to pay attention to the denominator of the formula, since a highly ranked page with lots of back links may finally giving your page lower value than a page with lower rank but lesser links.

4.Creating Links On Dynamic Pages: Which web pages are created dynamically these take ages to get indexed, and in all probability, so creating link on such a page will never help in improve your page rank. Identify dynamic pages by URLs with special symbols in them (&,? etcetera) and don’t waste your time by not creating any links to your site on such pages.

5.Creating Links On Pages That SE Spiders Cannot Crawl On: The whole point of building link popularity for increasing page rank is to make your site accessible to search engine spiders. However, search engine bots have not become smart enough to read pages generated by Flash or JavaScript. They are also unable to read text links placed within frames, so it is a complete waste of time creating back links on sites that are either Flash generated or framed, since these links would be totally ignored by search engine spiders.

6. Creating links on No-follow pages: Creating link on no-follow page will never help for increasing Page Rank because your link not getting the Page Rank value from this site. So, don’t waste your time to creating backlink on such pages like maximum blog commenting link is no-follow link. Identify the no-follow link by viewing page source where is use rel="nofollow".

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