What problem with Duplicate Content ?

Duplicate content – This is very effective to loose Search Engine Rankings:
Using duplicate content is very harmful for search engine ranking. Most webmasters are using duplicate content today. Some of them thinking duplicating the content is time save, but the fact is that duplicate content can loss search engine rankings of your web page. The big problem for duplicating content is that, your web page won’t be indexed by the search engines no matter what SEO strategy you are doing for your page.

Google’s point of view about Duplicate content :
About Google point of view, duplicate content can be two types:
1. Duplicate content within your website – When same content appears in more than one page of your own website.
2. Duplicate content in others website – When one content of your site which appears in other external sites.
In case of first category (Duplicate content within your website) it’s totally on your hands to remove duplicate content to get crawled by Google. One of the best way provided by Google to avoid the first problem is use of the sitemap file. You should include the preferred version of the URL in the sitemap so that Google can index the particular page of your preference.

In case of second category (Duplicate content in others website), i.e. If any one steals your content and publish it in his website, you will have to monetize it. So that, when Google comes across such content across different web pages, the Google crawler will search for various thing and effectively identify the actual original webpage. According to Google don’t worry about your content duplicated by others because Google crawler can effectively identify them and avoid those pages from indexing.

As said in official Google Webmaster blog, “in the majority of cases, having duplicate content does not have negative effects on your site's presence in the Google index. It simply gets filtered out.”

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