List of Do Follow Forum Sites

I want to describe first what do follow and no follow means in link building.When your creating a link to a particular web page using HTML codes it is important to know what these terms are. Back in days when there was nothing called nofollow, lots of spammers try to abuse blog commenting. They spam the comments with their yucky links to promote all kinds of junky sites like porn sites and gambling sites.

To remove this problem, Google implemented a "nofollow" tag in order to tell search engine spiders whether or not to follow a link. To tell search engine spiders to not crawl a link you just simply need to add the following code to your HTML code rel="nofollow" otherwise if you want search engine spider to crawl the link you just simply don't use the rel="nofollow" tag. Pretty simple right?

Let's clear the HTML code will look like this.

Unfortunately, the rel="nofollow" tag have made a consequence. That would be the people who place legitimate comments on blog, because of this they are not getting any "link juice" from commenting. So when your leaving a comment to a blog, forum posts or others figure out if this site implement a rel="nofollow". One good way to do this is to view the page source code, or much easier if you can find a do follow list.

Now lets describe what forum is. Forum or message board is a place where discussions on related topics take place. It is more like an online discussion site. Forum can also help you boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and generate more traffic. You would want to take advantage of the signature links available when you participate or when you leave a comment in forums just follow each forum rules. Below are the list of Do follow forum sites.

Do follow forum sites list:

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