When to Outsource SEO and When to Keep it in House ?

SEO is important business these days. All too often, there is little supply to meet the current demand. With increases in the costs associated with other forms of web marketing, it has become almost a necessity for businesses to incorporate SEO in to their marketing plan.

Unfortunately many companies know very little about SEO and assume it will be cheaper for them in the long run to hire someone "in-house". In some cases, it may very well be. For most, however, overlooking the benefits of outsourcing SEO can be costly.

Why is it better to outsource?

SEO is an ever changing business. One has to know when and how to find new information. An SEO firm is more likely to be aware of changes to search engine optimization protocols than an in-house individual. An individual will likely spend the majority of his or her time developing and implementing your SEO strategies. Outsourced SEO professionals must perform these same functions while constantly studying the industry, staying current with changing trends and familiarizing themselves with the latest SEO techniques. This is a simple necessity SEO companies that wish to survive.

There are few individuals who will be able to successfully perform the many functions associated with SEO well. An SEO firm likely has several individuals on payroll that specialize in one particular function, be it link building, writing , optimizing etc. These individuals are able to perfect their craft and are usually more adept at their position than a single person wearing many hats.

Time is another concern with in-house SEO. Will one individual be able to optimize multiple pages, write content, tags, build links, run reports and perform other SEO tasks in a timely fashion? One person can only do so much. In the online business world, time is money. Most companies can do in a matter of days what might take an individual weeks to do. Many companies who use in-house SEO personnel spend more than necessary to get the same amount of work done in a longer amount of time.

What about cost? Surely the cost of hiring an individual is substantially less than the cost of hiring a company, right? As I stated in the last paragraph, time concerns and individual expertise will make outsourcing cheaper. Having one individual do the job of five is rarely a good idea. You wouldnt ask your auto mechanic to take a look at your broken television, would you?

In any case, is outsourcing the right move for you or your company? Whether you choose to outsource or not, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Do your research by performing a simple cost/benefit analysis on what outsourcing versus in-house SEO will cost. In some cases, in-house SEO maybe a better option, especially if you require little in the way of SEO and would be hiring an individual who canperform other tasks.

A resume can say a lot and mean nothing. A resume talking about rankings is meaningless unless you have all the information. Top rankings for phrases no one is searching for means little, and shouldnt be used as a guage of someones abilities.

Whether you hire a SEO company or individual...what is their contribution to the SEO society? Do they share their knowledge? Set trends? It is better to do business with someone that shares their ideas and insights than one who simply learns from others. Innovative techniques are only developed by innovative individuals or companies.

What do others say about the company or individual? Ask for references and check them.

For small companies, in-house SEO can be the best option. The company has time to grow into their SEO. They can see how it works for them and then branch out. Large companies, on the other hand, can lose a lot of ground using an individual over a company. Choosing a competant firm would suit them best.

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