How To See If Someone UnFriend You On Facebook ?

Facebook, the popular social networking site, is a grand opportunity to get in touch with your old friends. Messages and notifications flow into your account every now and then. Whenever you are added as a friend, you get a notification. Logging into your Facebook account, you get to see an entire list of your friends added in your friend’s list. But what, when someone unfriends you from the list? When you are removed from anyone’s friend list, you are not notified nor does any message enter your account.

However, gone are those days when you remind in dark as to who unfriended you. Unfriend Finder – the new browser script enables you to find out who has eliminated you from his list. Not only about unfriend, this browser script will let you know  you the people to whom you have sent a friend request, the persons who have denied your request, the person who have removed you from the list and also about the Facebook user who has deactivated his account.

All the recent web browsers Opera Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others support this new Unfriend Finder application. Are you wondering how this function will work for you? Well, this browser script makes use of Facebook notifications for alerting you of the aforesaid events.

Want to get this new app right on your PC now? Go to the site of Unfriend Finder and install this once you have downloaded. Once you have installed this browser script, it will store for you Facebook friend list, requests and other information in the web browser. Just as you receive notification when anybody sends you a friend request, in the like manner now you will also get a notification when you are unfriended in the same Facebook style.

Facebook interface and Unfriend Finder mixes perfectly with each other. Now, you will receive alerts whenever your friend request is ignored or rejected. Stop wondering why your list of Facebook friends getting shorter day by day. Set up Unfriend Finder and start receiving notifications regarding all events related to your Facebook friends!

How to Enable Facebook Timeline Now!

Facebook has finally unlocked the floodgates of “Open Graph” with its Timeline Apps. “Facebook Timeline” is the new feature offering you a leap from its persisting multimedia integration. Small and large developers can now submit their apps with Facebook. What does this mean? In essence, you are likely to see a new bunch of activities of your Facebook friends. You will now experience much more than the usual ‘likes’ you have been using all these days.

This popular social network has opened up new options to enhance your fun to an advanced stage. Shopping, ravel, fitness, food and more than 60 ‘lifestyle’ apps have made Facebook much more amazing than before. These apps enable you to share your activities and hobbies automatically. Potentially thousands of other apps are to come in Facebook in the recent past.

But how to know which apps are worth using in Facebook Timeline? Don’t fret! Some selective apps are provided to suit with the new Facebook Timeline feature. You do not have to waste any time or take the trouble of choosing the right app. Whether you admire knitting, hiking, gardening or snowboarding or any other activity, there is an app for all.

Greater details of your news, posts, activities from its initial stage to the current date will on feature now with this new Facebook app. Your settings, activities, photos and posts will get a new layout altogether. The best part is that all these astounding apps are totally free! Enjoy the stunning feature without shelling out a single penny! Install Facebook Timeline and give a new look to your Facebook profile. Grab the Timeline Feature right away!

Steps to do it:

  • Log into Facebook.
  • Visit Facebook Developer App to set off the app.
  • Click Create a New App on the page’s top right corner.
  • Give a name to your app, like Timeline and also a namespace, like Your name.
  • Simply follow the onscreen instruction.
  • Click on Open Graph link at the left side of the page and then click Get Started With Open Graph.
  • Fill up the two blanks suiting your needs and then press the Get Started button.
  • Several settings page will be displayed. You can make changes to the settings or keep to its default as you desire.
  • Now go to the homepage of your Facebook. There you will find the activation at the top of the page reading “Introducing Timeline…..” Click on Get It Now and have fun with the new Facebook features.

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