4 Ways to Manage Your Reputation in Youtube Search Results

If you have a YouTube channel, you are probably obsessed with generating some good traffic and spreading your videos. The chance of making a viral video is a tantalizing fantasy, and one that more and more people are realizing now that social media has become a central part of our society.

Thankfully, it isn’t that hard to optimize your search results. It is all about increasing your reputation and searchability. Here are four ways to do that.

1. Optimize Your Videos

SEO is just as relevant on YouTube as it is through standard search engines. Yet, when people think of optimization they are usually putting it into the context of standard content like text, maybe images. Video doesn’t generally factor in to their thinking. Really, you should be using the same general concept for your videos. For example, relevant keywords are one of the most important parts. What would you use to search for your video? Target “long tail” and local phrases in tags. If your video is about Georgia business profiles, you should include this as a tag.

Keep in mind the target age and other demographic information for those you want to see it. Based on these factors you might want to change the language somewhat, such as from formal to slang, or include both. Be descriptive, but without trying to “sell” the video like you might other content. Just try to draw them in by promising entertainment. If you need some help, you can try one of the many tools made to help you come up with optimized keywords for videos. YouTube has one of their own.

2. Get Your Community to Help

When you are part of a community or like minded or related individuals, you automatically have an invaluable resource for spreading content. It is this element that has led to a great deal of viral videos or memes being created. That doesn’t mean you should go around begging your community or website readers to share you out. Instead, you should engage them, especially in an interactive way. You see examples of this all the time, with large companies that host competitions through their YouTube channel that asks for submissions. Which will immediately give them something to search for. But an example of how this is done for a website itself, check out MyBlogGuest’s Create a Video Screencast competition (the result is this playlist).

3. Make the Most of Playlists

Playlists are insanely helpful for drawing interest on YouTube. Especially since you can search for playlists themselves, widening the results for users who want to see more than a single video. If you have a series or competitions, this can be even more helpful. They are very simple to make. You just start to group your uploaded videos together into a customized playlist. They show in strips on your main channel under your favorites link. Users can then click on it and play all videos, or search through them. They can also search for the playlist itself, and if you attach keywords to your videos a playlist search will bring up any that have that term.

4. Promote Your Channel

Finally, we have some good old fashion promotion. Once you get the hook in, people are more likely to go searching for the video they saw, or more like it. This will be achieved through any basic marketing means, such as social media sharing, link building, affiliates and anything else you might wish to use.


It takes some time and effort, but you can optimize your YouTube channel’s search by building a reputation through standard SEO tactics. Don’t fail to take advantage, or you might miss some incredible chances at creating a viral sensation!

original: SocialbleBlog

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