How to Get People to Share Your Content Without Tricking Them

Every SEO copywriter knows that shared and viral content is the most valuable kind of content, but without artificially creating that buzz (which is difficult) there’s really only two ways to get people to pay attention to content that’s available out there.  Trick them into sharing, or offer them a reason to.

Tricking Them Doesn’t Work

The problem with tricking people to share content, in my experience as an SEO copywriter at least, is that they don’t like it.  No one likes to be tricked – and many people will not only avoid sites and content that does and tell their friends.  Which means you’ll be generating all the wrong kinds of feedback, which, in turn will make you unhappy.

It’s important too, to remember that anything like that will seem odd if you’re not careful – there’s nothing worse than setting up a viral campaign that everyone ignores, or people can see have been set up to create artificial buzz.  The campaigns that get ‘caught’ doing this, even with the best content, are often hijacked and derided, and often small brands don’t recover from that.

Creating Means of Sharing Content Using SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting and content created using those services should be enticing enough that people choose to share it when they’re working with you anyway – if it’s not, you’ll need to look at why and work on fixing that first.  Your copywriter should be able to edit your content so that it’s better if there’s anything wrong with it, and then, there’s two ways you can handle getting interaction and feedback.
  • Share it with your readers via newsletter, or social networking site and specifically invite comment on the article – often people will respond to ‘what do you think?’ or ‘share if you agree’ or similar.  Even generating conversation on your social networking sites should be good enough in most cases to get the ball rolling.  And remember too, some people will share anything their friends see, so it’s a question of getting the right people interacting and involved, which is why viral marketing has an unpredictable element.
  •  Add comment bonuses and other items that encourage people to tweet etc. – or hold a competition.  Some companies hold competitions using Rafflecopter, which tracks social media sharing (should you so choose) – it’s a valid marketing method for many industries and can cost little to nothing at all in many cases – all you need is a viable product to give away.
And Afterwards?

Many companies wonder what to do with the momentum they build with social networking – while it’s true it opens up more points of contact to those around the articles, and sometimes this can lead to an extra work, but the increased value from SEO articles and copywriting that this brings makes it all worth it.  SEO copywriting content cannot fail to bring new leads in via social media and while things settle down with Google’s updates, it’s important to leverage content in any way you can.

While it’s true that it’s often difficult to build a truly viral campaign in this way, working with social media allowances and blending it with your copywriting needs and leads can bring powerful traffic and support to your business – creating new customers, new connections and new relationships, for a tiny fraction of additional work.  And once you’ve built momentum, and created a trusted brand for yourself in social media it will become easier still – so ensuring your copywriting is up to par is the best way to move forward.  That way, your readers and clients will hit retweet and share almost automatically.

Your SEO Copywriter is one of the most valuable social networking tools you can use, so working with them is of utmost importance.

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Asad said...

It all depends on the quality and usefulness of content. The more useful the content is more share you will receive.

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