5 Reasons Why Pinterest Drives Traffic To WordPress Sites

Pinterest drives traffic To WordPress sites
If you are looking to get your WordPress site ready for Summertime, Pinterest, and other similar social media networks, are user friendly and great for giving your site a fresher look. Whether you are researching new marketing techniques or you are launching a new business website, social networking deserves your attention.

It is no secret that social networking is a major component in ramping up your business’ marketing plans. After going to a site like best10webhosting to compare hosting companies, and then choosing an attractive web design, many businesses rely on sites likes Facebook and LinkedIn to connect to their customers. What might surprise you is the rapid growth that Pinterest has experienced this year. Mashable.com reported earlier
this year that this network catapulted from a scarcely marginal traffic motivator to a virtual dead-match with Twitter. For a newbie, the social “pin board” has quickly shown it is a viable marketing tool for B2B and retail strategies.

1. Visuals Spark Interest

According to Beverly Macy, a Huffington Post blogger, the future of the Internet for businesses and consumers is moving toward a more visual platform. If you have something important to share—sharing it with pictures seems to be a successful way to connect with your audience.

2. Pinterest Relationships Extend Beyond Online Boundaries

Word of mouth continues to be the number one advertising tool. Happy customers share their positive experiences with the friends, family and co-workers—referrals without expenses attached. Pinners are coming together in real life to share their passions, resources and common threads in remarkable ways. CNN.com reporter Emanuella Grinbert recently wrote a piece on the natural evolution from pinning a photo online to wanting to see that item in person. Business owners are seeing traffic increase through referrals and secondary referral.

3. Galleries Allow You to Introduce Your Best Products

Tan Kay of hongkiat.com lists gallery options as one of the top ten reasons for incorporating pinning into your web design. Finding a web host that works well for your business is important to ensure plug-ins are compatible.

4. Themed WordPress Pages Make Web Design Easier

Trying out the themed designs is easy and there are numerous advantages to posting beautiful photos that spark interest. Working with a platform that is compatible with multiple browsers like Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox, allows more administrative control and accessibility. You can pin every photo and add informative captions. You get all this plus fast real time uploading and SEO compatibility.

5. Sell Without Being a Salesman

Connecting to potential clients through social networking provides a way to develop a relationship through soft-selling. A guest blogger on Venture Beat reminds business owners that in order to get the most out of your marketing efforts on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you have to take the time to get involved.

Follow other pinners; establish relationships that encourage sharing—both ways. You share, they share. Relationships take time, but the payoff is worth it. Daily visits will drive more traffic to your WordPress site. Before you know it, your site will be getting an incredible amount of traffic and you’ll have time to have more fun in the sun!

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