How to Promote Your Blog in Social Medias

You should use social media to increase the reputation and readership of your blog. If you are trying to increase its PageRank using social media, you will make the acquaintance of failure. The Google programmers are never going to put too much faith into social media because it is too easy to manipulate.

A person may start 100 new accounts today, and use them every day, then once a week they may comment on and link to a website. If Google were paying attention, the websites in question would rise high in the Google search engine results. Manipulating social media for search engine results improvement is too easy and hence unimportant unless Google decide to take note of social media mentions/likes.

Your job is to raise the reputation and prestige of your website through social media, so that people will wish to link to you of their own free will. So that people will comment positively on your blog and will follow it of his or her own free will.

Do not forget to put the little social media widgets/buttons on your blog somewhere, so that you blog readers may also follow your social media actions. It is not necessary but is a good idea if you run competitions, surveys or offers on your social media site.


If you have a business page feed, you should enable the auto-share function. It will share
your posts automatically when you publish your work. If you wish, you could just auto share an excerpt of your blog post so that your followers may see it. They will then decide if the blog is worth following or worth searching out to read.

You may re-share the excerpt through your personal Facebook page too, so that it reaches a wider audience. Create a tab on your Facebook page and your blog that will allow people to look through your previous posts. This will stop them having to go through the publication history of your entire blog, or through the history/timeline of your Facebook wall, in order to find some of your interesting blogs.


This is a blogging platform so you will have to make a decision as to whether you want to integrate your blog into your Twitter interest generation plans, or whether you wish to use one medium to complement the others.

Twitter is going to allow you to mix with a wider class of reader than your blog is going to stimulate. You may wish to share your blog posts on Twitter. There are auto-share functions on Twitter, which will allow you to disseminate your blog posts between your many followers.

Another neat little trick is to send people one of your most recent blog posts when they follow you. If you only do it once then there is little chance that it will anger them. If you do it too many times, the will block you.

Just doing it the one time may move them to engage with your material. They must have followed you for a reason. Hopefully by sending them a sample of your work, you are going to tap into that reason and create a loyal follower.


LinkedIn is still handy for sharing and promoting your blog posts. It may not be the best means of gaining loyal supporters but it does have its charms.

Again you should create an auto-share feature to share some of your better works. It may not be a good idea to share every post on LinkedIn. Why not share one per month. Just make sure it is your best work, as well as being nicely promotional.

You should have an RSS feed on your website/blog. Make sure that you LinkedIn has an RSS feed that will gather your posts and put them in one place for the user to see.


This may be the only form of social media that may have an actual positive effect on your SEO. If Google are there to monitor the behavior of the people on the social media platform, then they are better able to stomp out any abusers of the system.

Manually post a few of your blog posts onto Google+. Do not post them all; just post a few in order to stimulate a little interest in your blog. Pop them onto your Business page because it makes them easier to search for.

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