5 Tips To Effectively Optimize Your Google + Places Listing

A good Google Places listing can help you get easy traffic to your site. If you are wondering why optimizing your Google+ Places is important, then the answer is simple. Approximately a third of every search is based on location and Google Places makes it very easy to obtain a page one listing.

For example if you are a Real Estate Display Home with multiple sales offices or a retail boutique with multiple outlets, Google Places is an excellent channel to use.

Here is a look at 5 tips to effectively optimize your Google+ places listing.

1. Contact Details on Your Site

The first tip for an effectual Google places optimization is making sure that you have a

Why Promoted Posts Are Better Than Facebook Ads

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that promoted posts on Facebook are better than Facebook ads that appear on Facebook. There are a lot of pros and cons to both forms of advertising, yet promoted posts come out on top. Let’s explore why.

First and foremost, the reason that promoted posts are better than Facebook ads on Facebook is the number of people you can get to click on your post. The reality is, many people don’t even see the ads on the side of the Facebook page. They have become

6 Successful Podcasting Tips To Embellish Your Social Media Efforts

We have always believed that content is the king. There have been constant efforts being made by everyone to ensure their websites have exceptional content. Well, content doesn’t necessarily mean text. It could also stretch up to the other ways we have been using to communicate to the audience, like videos, podcasts and graphical representations.

The most recent technique that is being used these days is to transcript videos to make articles. However, if you want some more artistic and creative input to bring more life to your text, you might want to consider using podcasting as a tool. So, what are podcasts? Well, these are nothing but digital multimedia files that are uploaded on the for the user to
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