6 Successful Podcasting Tips To Embellish Your Social Media Efforts

We have always believed that content is the king. There have been constant efforts being made by everyone to ensure their websites have exceptional content. Well, content doesn’t necessarily mean text. It could also stretch up to the other ways we have been using to communicate to the audience, like videos, podcasts and graphical representations.

The most recent technique that is being used these days is to transcript videos to make articles. However, if you want some more artistic and creative input to bring more life to your text, you might want to consider using podcasting as a tool. So, what are podcasts? Well, these are nothing but digital multimedia files that are uploaded on the for the user to
download it. The user can download it on desktop, tablet or even his Smartphone. I consider this to be a much simple way to reach the audiences, where they can not listen to your content. However, it is exceptionally important to execute podcast properly.

Listed below are a few successful podcasting tips which can help embellish you social media efforts.

    Quality Information is a ‘Must’ – People usually prefer podcasts only because it doesn’t require you to put much energy reading and understanding it. Therefore, you need to ensure that your podcast provides quality information to the users. By quality information, I mean something that is relevant to the context the user is looking for. Moreover, you also need to ensure that your podcast is interesting, apart from being informative, so that the users don’t feel waste of time while listening to your podcast. For this, it is necessary that you ensure you have a high quality podcast on your site.

    Smart Devices Make it Easy to Reach the Target – We know that podcasts are audio representations, and it is necessary that you get maximum people listening to them. You know most of your users access Internet on Smartphones and thus, you may want to target them through mobile devices. For this, you will first need to see how many of your Facebook users use Smartphones or Tablets to access their Facebook account. If you think more than half, or at least half your users do so, you can add podcasting to your social media efforts. Podcasts can be heard anywhere, anytime, while in gym, buying grocery, traveling or even working.

    Develop Content Which is Easy to Share – You will have made a great podcast, which everyone likes, but make sure that your podcast is such, which is exceptionally easy to share. Only then will it be able to reach a large number of audience. This will also embellish your podcast to be share within your community and even in other communities or networks.

    Broadcast Issues Related to the Industry – You must always determine the content you are going to include in your podcast. Nobody wants to listen to promotions. Make sure you do not make it look like a sales call. It can create a negative impact. Rather, you must include important interviews and discussions related to the industry. Make it look informative than promotional. This will give your audience some really valuable information and enable you to build your credibility.

    Don’t Unnecessarily Stretch the Podcast – Remember, podcast12 is not some upcoming song which users are waiting to be up in the market. For the same reason, make sure that you keep your podcast to the point. People are genuinely not interested in listening to lengthy stuffs. So, keep it to a 30 minute episode with relevant content. It is important to understand that all your users are extremely busy people. They may feel distracted very soon and therefore, you must ensure that you bombard all the important information in the beginning of the podcast.

    Record Your Podcast as Videos – After you have successfully made your podcast, make a video copy of it as well. People like watching videos of such interactive and informative stuffs. It is not necessary that you make a video of the entire audio recording you have. Rather, use different segments of the podcast to make an entire video. Keep it short, almost up to 3 minutes and post it on YouTube, the second most popular search engine. Ensure that you have all the related keywords tagged to the video, to make it come high on search.


You will notice a large number of podcast usage these days. Several large corporations and medium sized businesses are using podcasting to embellish their social media efforts. You can too be one of them. However, it is important that you follow the tips mentioned above to have a perfectly flawless strategy, altogether.

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