Facebook Appeals to its Users with More Updates

Facebook is expected to launch a new feature in the near future that will allow users to “share” photo albums. Using this feature, the creator of a photo album can allow up to 50 users to contribute to an album. Previously, Facebook had restricted the control over a photo album to its creator alone. This makes the experience of sharing photos more social than it was before, and it also allows for a more streamlined photo browsing experience. For example, photos of a given event, such as a vacation trip or a wedding, can all be combined into a single photo album for everyone to contribute photos to. This is much better than the previous system, in which each user who had taken pictures at the event would have to create his or her own photo album. This system is also beneficial because it increases the exposure of photos from each
user, because the friends of other users that have contributed to the album are viewing them.

Through the introduction of this new feature, Facebook is attempting to stay on par with Google+, which already has a feature that allows its users to do this. Google+ lets all of its users who have attended a specific event upload pictures from that event. Currently, Facebook users who want to do something like this must use workarounds such as creating hashtags. This new feature will allow Facebook users the same ease of use as Google+ users when it comes to creating shared photo albums.

However, the implementation of Facebook’s feature is not limited specifically to events. For example, photographers can use it to collaborate with each other and increase heir collective exposure. For instance, multiple photographers can share a photo album and upload images with similar subject matter or photography technique such as high speed imaging in hopes of being discovered by users browsing the shared album that otherwise would not have seen their photos. With this new feature coming soon, it will be exciting to see the various creative ways Facebook users utilize it in order to make their photo sharing experience more social.

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