10 Do’s and Don’ts of Using Twitter for Your Business

The popular microblogging platform “Twitter” is taking the social media world by storm! When used correctly, Twitter can do wonders for your business!

Here’s a checklist of Do’s and Don’ts of using Twitter for your business. Keep these points in mind and you’ll be able to make the most of the popular tweeting platform.


1. Keep it concise:

There’s a reason why Twitter gives you 140 characters. However, your tweet should ideally be between 100-115 characters. This gives your audience room to add their contents and enables them to stay engaged with the content that you post. Remember, adding too many hashtags will also limit your ability to get the message across.

2. Use a strategical tweeting approach:

In order to tweet smartly, your business must adhere to a good Twitter strategy. When tweeting, be careful about the content you choose. Make use of reliable sources, incorporating the hashtags being used by your target audience. Keep a check of your tweeting strategy too, so you can adjust it where needed.

3. Stay engaged with your followers-Tweet often:

As with any social media platform, social interaction with your followers proves to be very effective and drives significant sales. In order to keep your Twitter community strong, interact with your followers, encourage them to retweet. Give them a reason to read your posts and show them that you keep them at the heart of your business.

Regarding how often you should tweet depends on your time zone. The best strategy is to experiment and monitor the time you feel your audience is most active. Start by at least 3-5 tweets a day and then adjust accordingly.

4. Tweet promotions because your followers do:

A simple way to boost the effectiveness of your tweeting strategy is to tweet promotions. Twitter users follow brands, sometimes for the mere purpose of being aware about special offers and promotions. These users are more likely to buy services from companies that they follow. Therefore, always keep them posted.

5. Color coordinate and use visuals:

Nothing appeals more to the eye than a good color palette and attractive visuals. Research shows that the use of visuals in your tweet can greatly increase the eagerness to read your content. Color coordinated palettes also help trigger a buying signal and provide a professional brand image, showing your users that you mean business.


1. Engage with your followers alone:

Whilst staying active with your followers is crucial for your business, you must not limit your reach to followers alone. Stay on top of the current trends and influencing personalities in your business and be a part of interesting Twitter conversations.This will keep your users excited and nothing will help more in growing your audience.

2. Become selfish in your tweets:

Whilst many Twitter users follow brands for the mere purpose of promotions and special offers, too many promoted tweets can have your profile be deemed as self-centered and unprofessional. As a famous quote states, “Variety is the spice of life.” You should keep a mix of promoted, interesting and informative content to keep your retain your users attention.

3. Be a Twitter bot:

Twitter can effectively allow your business to stay in the limelight. However, if your tweets sound like a robot, you’ll slowly start to lose followers. Take the platform as the perfect opportunity to connect with your customers and show them how you mean business. Connect with customers and convey your brand’s voice through polite, interesting and informative tweets.

4. Be a victim of hashtags over usage:

Hashtags are great in helping you reach out to a wider audience. However, over usage of hashtags can instantly distract your user from the main business message and make you look like a spammer. Whilst hashtags are fun to use, they must be used sparingly and carefully. To be on the safe side, include no more than 2 short informative hash tags.

5. Alienate your followers:

The worst thing you can do on Twitter is to alienate your followers. You’ve got a great platform to get your message across to thousands of people, make the most of it! Keep your followers actively engaged in discussions. It is a good practice to use incentives to reward customer engagement. You’ll notice that there will be more active users through the use of this strategy.

Also allow your Twitter audience to give suggestions on what they would like to see. Let them steer the direction of your posts and you’ll have loyal followers for life.

Provided you keep these simple dos and don’ts in mind, your business will have a strong presence on social media and the hearts of your valued customers.

After all, your customers drive your business and social media platforms like Twitter serve as an invaluable source to shine!

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