Reputation Management

Online Reputation Repair and Management

When doing business online, there is nothing more painful than to hear that a potential customer "Googled" your company or personal name and will not be doing business with you because of what they read online.

Today, you are defined by what appears on Google, Yahoo and Bing. In fact, hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost each day because of false, erroneous or misleading search engine results. Whether the negative listings are from a competitor, a news site, or a message board, the impact can be financially challenging at best and devastating at worst. The good news is that - with very rare exception - Reputation Management Consultants can resolve your issues with a speed that comes from knowledge and experience. The engineering talent and experience that we maintain in-house is second to none in the areas of Reputation Repair and Reputation Management.

We know how important it is that you have a positive online reputation. Potential clients and business partners will want to learn as much as possible about you before sealing a deal, and future employees will want to know they are in good hands with your organization. The first impression they receive of you and/or your company may be what they see in their Search Engine results. The question is: will they like what they see?

We understand the online reputation problems you may face and we offer cost-effective results that contain long-term solutions. Our unique, time-tested Online Reputation Repair service - "Inoculation" - will help you get your name back under your ongoing control so that you can focus on running your online business.

We handle two kinds of online reputation management services:

Proactive Online Reputation Management :

If your business is just beginning to grow or has just been established, then we can help you build a good reputation from the get-go, as well as help established companies maintain their good reputation that is deserved and well earned. Proactive reputation management services are essentially image building campaigns. As reputation management experts, we can help you maintain a good reputation by continuing to build upon what you’ve already accomplished.

Reactive Online Reputation Management :

Here at Brick Marketing we believe that the best offense is a good defense. A company with a bad reputation loses money, customers, and has a hard time growing. If your company has encountered a business issue we can help identify the problem. However, our internet reputation management experts can’t help to improve your image until the problem has been solved. Once it has been taken care of, we can help rebuild the good status that you desire and keep it well maintained. Negative listings can’t be removed, but our experts can distribute positive content to push them down. Don’t wait until you start losing money to improve your online reputation in the search engines!

We help Improve Online Reputations For:

Businesses and Companies: of all sizes that need a positive online reputation created.
Personal Reputation: To help improving name or firm’s name online reputation.
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