5 Exclusive Facebook Marketing Resources

With over 1 billion people now on Facebook it stands to reason that Facebook advertising alone can target a wide range of people. However it wasn’t that long ago that many doubted Facebook’s strength in a marketing capacity. Yet fast forward a few years and many businesses feel social media is an integral part of their marketing strategy. In fact there has been a 75% increase in social media campaigns since a few years ago. There are still various companies out there that may find social media intimidating and haven’t embraced it yet. If you don’t know where to begin, check out these 5 marketing resources from Facebook to get you started from the very source itself.

Facebook Marketing Page

Facebook’s official marketing page currently has over 2 million likes and is designed to help marketers and businesses use Facebook’s marketing platform more effectively. The marketing page posts valuable information about webinars that they are holding for marketers as well as providing statistics about Facebook’s advertising platform. This can come in useful when you’re trying to pitch for Facebook advertising to a marketing team or a client. Facebook representatives will also answer any questions that are posted on their wall.

Facebook Advertising Page

This page describes the online advertising process – how things work and examples of

4 Marketing Tips for Targeting Women via Social Networks

social networking
Social networks have become so popular these days, which the online marketing techniques had to redesign the whole concept around these aspects. There are many tips and tricks to use the social networks when it comes to reaching a targeted audience, when talking about a company, the only thing that a person needs to do is to pay attention to the details.

So, who is on Facebook? The most common answer is that everyone is there, from children to adults, from college students to professionals in any fields. This means that any company, of any profile, is interested in being in the social networks because of the fact that everyone is there (or at least a great part from their targeted audience).

Let’s take the example of a perfume company for women. How would they target this section on Facebook? There are some tips that can be applied here.

#1 Groups

This is a very subtle way of communication. There are millions of groups that are formed

3 Online Branding Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Branding properly can build your business at an alarming pace. You can gain your target market’s trust, improve your visibility and increase sales quite quickly if you brand yourself effectively. Unfortunately, many people take all the wrong steps during the branding process.

Many rush mindlessly ahead, desperate to generate sales, so they plaster their business link all over Facebook Groups, twitter and Google Plus. These practices are repelling, meaning that you scare away people who might otherwise be interested in your opportunity.

Check your energy. Do you feel confident, about yourself and your opportunity? If you don’t, take a step back. Either build up confidence in yourself and your business or select another opportunity, because you can’t build a successful, thriving brand while lacking confidence in yourself and the business you attempt to grow.

Lack of Clarity

Branding newbies usually have zero clarity around their campaign. The brand message
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