3 Key Ingredients Of A Successful Video Marketing Campaign

Video creation is an art. Get down the lighting, the energy, the presentation, and you can easily create an absolute masterpiece. The secret is in practice. Persistently practicing your video creation skills can help you become a true master. Just like any other skill, if you work at it over a set period of time you can churn out truly noteworthy creations. Feeling comfortable in front of the camera might take some time. Practice!

Overcoming the Blocks: I Sound and Look Funny

I know these two blocks are chief impediments to video creation success. Most people feel that they look funny when on video for the first time, and virtually all people believe that they sound funny. This is because you are not accustomed to hearing your voice in

Marketing and Internet Professionals Concerns on Facebook Home

A marketing professional had expressed his concern regarding Facebook’s (FB) new Home software; a program for the home screens of android cell phones. This act is contrary to popular belief that marketers often employ pervasive techniques to entice probable clients.

Angus Wood, the executive of the digital marketing firm iProspect told The Telegraph, a news site based in the United Kingdom that this move from FB would be invasive and tedious. Wood added that the ads might repel consumers from using FB’s service. In his statement, Wood said: “Facebook are unlocking a vast amount of consumers’ time. But alongside that, the closer you come to the consumer,

Google Opens Up Its Universal Analytics Beta To All Google Analytics Users

Nowadays, people use a number of platforms to surf the web, and this variation in platform use make it a challenge for businesses and website owners to keep track of their site’s performance and interact with consumers. In an effort to make things more manageable, Google recently opened up its Universal Analytics to all Google Analytics Users.

Simply put, the public beta of Universal Analytics aims to help website owners better track their website performance across multiple platforms. This is believed to be more accurate than the original Google Analytics since it covers different channels that consumers use to access the Internet when they search for information, products and services, utilize social media, and interact with other users.

What Makes Universal Analytics Distinct from Google Analytics

According to Google, Universal Analytics make use of a data collection method that is
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